[LINK] Commbank phishing

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Wed Jun 3 08:42:46 EST 2009


I expect that I'm like many others on Link, getting many messages a  
day purporting to come from the Commonwealth Bank seeking verification  
of my details (I get around 500+ a day on my mail server). My spam  
filters are getting better at blocking them, but around 10 or so get  
through per day.

I'm trying to determine what vectors they use (for personal interest  

Wise counsel will suggest that users should not 'click on any links',  
or 'enter any details' etc - but if my browser has javascript and java  
turned off,  if I disable all plug-ins, and if I block cookie  
formation - and if I'm using a non-Windows product (i.e. no active-X  
malarky), what harm is likely?


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