[LINK] Office Open XML

Brendan Scott brendansweb at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jun 3 21:36:58 EST 2009

Pilcher, Fred wrote:
> I have a recollection that some time ago there was a directive to
> government organisations from somewhere in the Commonwealth government
> against the use or receipt of documents in Office Open XML format.
> The reason was that "DRM" capacity in Office 2007 could restrict what a
> person receiving a file could do with it - print it, save it, share it,
> etc. and even that the document could be set to self-destruct at some
> point.
> Does anyone know whether that directive actually existed, or was it just
> something that was discussed at some stage? Or have I just been
> hallucinating again?

Try googling the NZ govt for this.
I recall something from there. Plus they are more sensible in this manner generally.


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