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>  Special Report: The Future Of File Sharing
> By Bruce Gain for Intellectual Property Watch @ 1:27 pm
> Digital content owners continue to emphasise enforcement and  
> protection of intellectual property. However, the impact that  
> litigation and legislation have had with the purpose of limiting  
> illegal file sharing remains questionable, thus setting the stage  
> for new economic models and approaches that could serve as a remedy.


> Some observers maintain that even if closed hardware systems were to  
> successfully end the issue of lost royalty payments due to massive  
> file sharing, the adoption of hardware equivalents of DRM software  
> could prove harmful for consumers in the long run, while carrying  
> inherent risks.
> ”[Locked-down hardware] is designed to treat their owners as  
> attackers, and to carry out policy that is adverse to their owners,  
> at the behest of remote parties, without the owner’s consent and  
> sometimes without their knowledge. This is a bad way to design  
> systems from a security perspective,” said Cory Doctorow, a  
> successful science fiction writer, net activist, and editor of blog  
> boingboing.net.
> ”It means that our world is slowly filling up with devices, which if  
> hijacked - either by a media company with dumb ideas about its  
> business model, or by a would-be monopolist seeking lock-in, or by  
> criminals seeking to abuse and rob a user - are designed to give the  
> hijacker the advantage over the user,” he said.


> ”The new [HADOPI] law will not pay most artists a single euro more,”  
> Bloche said. “A ‘creative fee’ paid could generated 400 million  
> euros per year for artists and content developers.”


> But in the long run, whether content royalties are paid for with a  
> monthly fee or through ad revenues, content owners will eventually  
> “benefit from abundance rather than scarcity,” Harvard law professor  
> Zittrain said.

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