[LINK] Fwd: Today on Catch - Asus EEE PC 701 Netbookonly $259.90

James Collins nospam at ggcs.net.au
Fri Jun 5 15:49:39 EST 2009

> I'm disappointed with ASUS Australia because it means the average consumer
> (who shops at Harvey Norman et al) won't be offered the $ benefits of
> avoiding Windows.

I'm not entirely sure it's the fault of ASUS. There were a LOT of 701
machines left and they had to price-cut to sell them. I found an old 2007
stock one in Harvey Norman Toowoomba, Qld going for $199 just recently. The
windows machines sold well. Laws of Supply and Demand predict that the 701
won't be a product that Australian stores like Harvey Norman et all will be
ordering, so ASUS might have decided not to import any more...

Pity I don't need a second one... Could have bought that Toowoomba one! :)

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