[LINK] Fwd: Today on Catch - Asus EEE PC 701 Netbookonly $259.90

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Fri Jun 5 16:37:12 EST 2009

$quoted_author = "James Collins" ;
> I'm not entirely sure it's the fault of ASUS. There were a LOT of 701
> machines left and they had to price-cut to sell them. I found an old 2007
> stock one in Harvey Norman Toowoomba, Qld going for $199 just recently. The
> windows machines sold well. Laws of Supply and Demand predict that the 701
> won't be a product that Australian stores like Harvey Norman et all will be
> ordering, so ASUS might have decided not to import any more...

I can understand not importing them in the kind of volume that the 701 Linux
version was.

But surely it's possible to bring in enough to satisfy whatever demand
exists. It looks like they made a decision to not bring in any more 901
Linux versions despite there still being some demand there.


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