[LINK] Wireless access point recommendation

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Sat Jun 6 13:43:43 EST 2009

Since a number of you know of these things, and since some work in the  
kinds of environments that I am referring to, can anyone recommend a  
good wireless access point device that I can use in a building with  
numerous side rooms for up to 100 users?

I notice that most wireless hardware (b, g or n) either has 32-user  
limits, 50-user limits, or vague descriptions of performance  
degradation with greater than n users.

I need to buy up to three devices in Australia before the end of this  
month, and rather than seek vendor recommendations, I am looking for  
people with real-world experiences.

I'm merely seeking to set up a LAN - no connection to the big bad  

The usual suspects (Google, whirlpool, etc) aren't actually much help.


ps. I'm happy to take replies off-list.

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