[LINK] Wireless access point recommendation

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Sat Jun 6 14:04:37 EST 2009

On Sat, Jun 06, 2009, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> Since a number of you know of these things, and since some work in the  
> kinds of environments that I am referring to, can anyone recommend a  
> good wireless access point device that I can use in a building with  
> numerous side rooms for up to 100 users?
> I notice that most wireless hardware (b, g or n) either has 32-user  
> limits, 50-user limits, or vague descriptions of performance  
> degradation with greater than n users.
> I need to buy up to three devices in Australia before the end of this  
> month, and rather than seek vendor recommendations, I am looking for  
> people with real-world experiences.
> I'm merely seeking to set up a LAN - no connection to the big bad  
> interweb.
> The usual suspects (Google, whirlpool, etc) aren't actually much help.

That is because 100 users on one AP doesn't always quite work as well
as one will hope.

It depends on environmental and situational factors, of course, but
100 is quite a lot.

You may want to investigate using >1 AP and building a proper(ish)
wifi network.


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