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Peter Bowditch peter at ratbags.com
Sun Jun 7 08:07:38 EST 2009

Stephen said:

> Flight 477 prompts calls for technology updates

> automatically stream flight data to land-based computers, making on-board
> recorders redundant. 
> One former NTSB official says such transmissions are "totally possible 
> today" and, already in use at some helicopter fleets.

26  F1 cars will drive around a race track in Turkey tonight. As each car 
passes the pits at ~300Kmh complete telemetry of all engine function 
history as well as brake, steering and suspension movements and 
aerodynamic forces for the previous couple of minutes will be transmitted 
to the engineers in the pits. However long it takes to bounce it of a 
satellite later it will be available to engineers in the factories in the 
UK, Germany, Italy, ...
> Meanwhile, the mid-ocean crash also is ratcheting up pressure for 
> satellite-based GPS tracking of aircraft, because current radars extend
> only 200 miles from land. 

I was at a client on Friday who distributes fliers to letter boxes. (Don't 
bother writing in about junk mail. I know.) Their customers are guaranteed 
a distribution route and the people who do the deliveries are tracked by 
GPS, both to ensure that they don't just dump the fliers and head to the 
pub and that the correct route paid for by the customer has been followed.

All possible and being used right now.

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