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Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Sun Jun 7 17:43:36 EST 2009

On 06/06/2009, at 9:42 PM, Chris Gilbey wrote:

> I didn’t say that creators ***require*** investors. What I alluded  
> to was
> that there needs to be a substantial level of revenue flow from a  
> recording
> to make it interesting for investors to invest (notably record  
> companies).

OK, I see your point then :)
But I suppose my point of view is - what about a novel or a piece of  
music is it that needs investors?
Sure, the average VC may want things big enough to invest in, but that  
doesn't mean every 'business model' (everything from which some  
people  can make a living) is going to be of sufficient scale.
The argument that musicians (authors, photographers, etc - pick your  
favourite) should be big so they can be invested in, or musicians  
should be big so they can lead a rockstar lifestyle leaves me quite  
(and I'm not saying you said this, I'm addressing the general argument)
'Copyright is good because it leads to mega corporations' is not, I  
think, an argument that anyone would encourage in the cold clear light  
of day - at least I hope so :)

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Lea de Groot
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