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E-security policy in pipeline
Mahesh Sharma
June 09, 2009

The federal government will release a policy framework in the next three 
months to tie together a raft of e-security initiatives.

There have been several announcements about different security 
initiatives over the past couple of months, including work slated under 
the defence white paper as well as the recently created national 
security resilience policy division.

An e-security policy framework is in the final approval stages, 
according to the head of the national security resilience policy 
division, Attorney-General's assistant secretary Mike Rothery.

"What we're now looking at doing is putting out a document to the public 
that describes how that fits together and the capabilities we're seeking 
to deliver in government to be able to achieve the outcome," Mr Rothery 

The national security resilience policy division was established in 
March as part of the Attorney-General's Department. It is responsible 
for responsible for policy, legislation, advice and programs related to 
developing national resilience to the full range of natural and human 
made hazards including e-security, critical infrastructure protection, 
identity protection and also emergency management policy.

Mr Rothery said one of the biggest priorities for his 100-strong team 
would be working with Defence on the creation of a cyber security 
operations centre. "The Defence White Paper referred to a 24 by 7 centre 
for bringing together all of the information government has with regards 
to cyber threats," Mr Rothery said. "That's the first time we'll have 
that capability and that will be built within defence but there will be 
offices from other government agencies such as the federal police and my 
own team here will actually be in there."

His division is also working with the Internet Industry Association on 
the creation of an ISP code of conduct and is leading information 
exchanges with the banking, utility and telco industries.

The information exchanges will facilitate the sharing of sensitive 
information about security vulnerabilities with the private sector, Mr 
Rothery said. "The banking and utilities information exchanges are up 
and running and the next one will be the telcos and that will be 
happening this month," he said.

The news coincides with national e-security awareness week, which 
includes the announcement of the first national "change your password 
day" to encourage ensuring that passwords regularly be changed to 
protect personal and financial information.

There is also the release of an e-security education module to teach 
better security behaviours to school students between year three and 
year nine.

Telstra Foundation -- a charity arm of the telco -- has announced that 
it will allocate $3million this year to help protect youths from cyber 
bullying both on the internet and on mobile phones.

This will mean a boost of funding for the Spotlight on Cyber Safety 
program to $6m this year.

The program has funded a range of programs which includes prevent youth 
suicide and improve young people's mental health and wellbeing.


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Canberra Australia
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