[LINK] music industry goes after public performance

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Sun Jun 14 22:51:22 EST 2009

This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for local artists to produce CDs and 
delivery them locally for a small fee to be played in the cafe 
endlessly. The cafe could also sell CD's for the artists!

WOOOT! Bring it on! Now are the local muso's innovative enough to 
realise that the Big End of Town has just opened the door wide for them?

I hope the locals do realise they can go and play in cafe's and get 
an audience, even if it's only exposure.  I hope they can work with 
Cafes and Restaurants to sneak in under the cover of the PPCA's cloak 
of darkness and steal the entire industry from right under their snobby noses!

I hope Cafe's and Restaurants, and even Night Clubs realizes they 
have been the victims of Corporate Manipulation and brig back the era 
of Live Music and Fan Following!  You don't need a 100,000 seat 
stadium to play to an audience.

At even $500 a night for a band these days, that's good income for a 
4 piece regular once a week gig.  I the licence fee is greater than 
the money a band or group of bands is willing to accept the bands 
will be the commodity.  Lets hope this time they don't fall into the 
same "recording" trap that caused this cycle of mess in the first place.

At 23:29 13/06/2009, you wrote:
>Cafe (50 seats): increase from $62 to $10,010.
>Get ready for a non-musical environment or possibly replay of radio.
>I'll have a little Elvis with that, thanks

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