[LINK] music industry goes after public performance

Chris Gilbey chris at perceptric.com
Mon Jun 15 15:34:05 EST 2009

<<I think this is not the case.  If you own all relevant copyrights you
can choose not to collect a royalty, even if APRA wants to collect one.
I haven't looked into the music side of things, but that's the case for
literary works (as explained to me by the Crown Solicitor in charge of
those things).>>

If you are a songwriter and don¹t join APRA you won¹t collect money from
airplay. If you do join APRA you assign the right for them to collect on
your behalf. 

So you are right, you don¹t have to join, but then you don¹t get paid. Which
I thought that I said...

I don¹t believe that APRA is anti-entrepreneurial at all. But I don¹t think
that APRA is typical of all representative societies.



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