[LINK] consultation re piracy

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Wed Jun 17 21:15:25 EST 2009

On 17/06/09 12:35, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> <http://johnl.blogs.exetel.com.au/index.php?/archives/2447-Impossible-Tasks-Are-The-Bane-Of-The-Pedestrian-Minded......html>revealed

There are times when I wish I could post to this list what I really think.
But since that tends to end up in Crikey, I'll just have to sit here and

I was very tempted to send a few thousand false takedown notices referencing
John's blog, just to make the point that perhaps his automated takedown
scheme is open to abuse by radical lobby groups. But I lack radicality :-)

  Glen Turner

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