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> On 17/06/2009, at 9:15 PM, Glen Turner wrote:
> > There are times when I wish I could post to this list what I really
> > think.
> > But since that tends to end up in Crikey, I'll just have to 
> sit here  
> > and
> > fume.
> But... Link is public... Crikey is public... what's the difference?
> And if it's something you strongly believe, why not get that opinion  
> out of your head and into places where it might help change 
> the world  
> so you fume less?
> Sure, it's me who quotes you in Crikey (and sometimes wrongly 
> entitle  
> you, oops!), but it's not about me being defensive but simply not  
> understanding why there's such widespread fear of actually 
> saying what  
> you think.
> Stil

It's OK Stil,

I have less compunction about posting what I think.

In fact I liked John Linton's [Exetel] solution so much that I logged
about it....

My conclusion is:

Is that encouraging users at other ISP's to download content illegally?
Has the ACCC done anything about it?
ACCC? Well, yes, they're the people you call when a group of companies
has created a cartel designed to keep the little guys from getting a
piece of the action. In other words, a cartel is any group of companies
that are working together in an anti competitive manner.

But of the "cartel's" actions are causing lack of choice and by default
forcing users at smaller ISP's to illegally download movies, doesn't
that mean that that the cartel is an accessory to the illegal download
of movies.

Well, yes. However, in Australia we don't have a RICO Act, so it would
be a difficult case to prosecute.

So Koltai, what are you saying here? Are you saying that the Content
industry's long lunches and preference to doing business by lawyers for
lawyers created the entire P2P download fiasco in the first place.

"Ummmm, yes, that's what I'm saying."

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