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When I first got transact they had VOD.  They were kind of insistent  
that I used it.  Every month I got promotions for VOD.  I was so happy  
when I could ditch the contract and the TV and go for web and phone  
only.  I seem to remember I got a couple of sad letters after that  
about how great their VOD service was.

The only trouble with their VOD service was they never had any  
current, popular movies.  I never, in those couple of years, ever  
found any movie I was interested in watching.

Conclusion: the movie industry wouldn't allow any of their decent  
movies onto the VOD service.

Pity, A few years before in 2000 I stayed with a friend in Hong Kong.   
He had an amazing ISP that was like MEGA bits per second (in 2000) and  
TV and VOD with a bunch of currrent movies each month.  Sigh.

On 2009/Jun/18, at 5:43 AM, Tom Koltai wrote:

> It's OK Stil,
> I have less compunction about posting what I think.
> In fact I liked John Linton's [Exetel] solution so much that I logged
> about it....
> http://www.perceptric.com/blog/_archives/2009/6/18/4225537.html
> My conclusion is:
> Is that encouraging users at other ISP's to download content  
> illegally?
> Yes.
> Has the ACCC done anything about it?
> No.
> ACCC? Well, yes, they're the people you call when a group of companies
> has created a cartel designed to keep the little guys from getting a
> piece of the action. In other words, a cartel is any group of  
> companies
> that are working together in an anti competitive manner.
> But of the "cartel's" actions are causing lack of choice and by  
> default
> forcing users at smaller ISP's to illegally download movies, doesn't
> that mean that that the cartel is an accessory to the illegal download
> of movies.
> Well, yes. However, in Australia we don't have a RICO Act, so it would
> be a difficult case to prosecute.
> So Koltai, what are you saying here? Are you saying that the Content
> industry's long lunches and preference to doing business by lawyers  
> for
> lawyers created the entire P2P download fiasco in the first place.
> "Ummmm, yes, that's what I'm saying."

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