[LINK] Could Google be wrong?

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sun Jun 21 12:16:59 EST 2009

Tom Koltai wrote:

> Traditionally or for about 5,000 years, (ref: Stonehenge 2800 BC) Winter
> has commenced on what astrologers refer to as the winter Solstice.
> There are four Solstices every year, which represents the change of
> seasons.

Make that two solstices ("sun stands still") when the sun stalls in the sky then
starts to reverse direction.

And two equinoxes ("equal nights") when day length matches night.

> Therefore, I would suggest that Google have it right.

They do indeed.

Dunno why Aussies think the seasons start on the 1st of the relevant month
instead of the 21st/22nd.


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