[LINK] Could Google be wrong?

Andy Farkas chuzzwassa at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 12:17:57 EST 2009

On 6/21/09, Tom Koltai <tomk at unwired.com.au> wrote:

> Traditionally or for about 5,000 years, (ref: Stonehenge 2800 BC) Winter
> has commenced on what astrologers refer to as the winter Solstice.

With regards to Stonehenge, they talk about the "midwinter solstice"
implying that Winter has already started. See:

> There are four Solstices every year, which represents the change of
> seasons.

Surprisingly to you perhaps, I know what a solstice is. And there are only two.

> Today is the shortest day, the winter solstice and therefore the
> beginning of winter.

You are saying "because it is". Some references to back up your claims
would be useful.

> Subsequently There doesn't need to be a "Government" official
> determination of the commencement of winter.

Maybe there doesn't need to be an official start of Winter, but I am
trying to find out if there is one.


ps. The Winter Wikipedia page has been updated due to a conversation
on IRC this morning...

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