[LINK] Could Google be wrong?

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Sun Jun 21 13:05:31 EST 2009

At 11:30 AM 21/06/2009, Tom Koltai wrote:
>Therefore, I would suggest that Google have it right.

me, too. I always feel compelled to explain to relatives in the 
Northern Hemisphere why 1 June or whatever other seasonal change 
month is not on the solstice or equinox [the other two are equinoxes, 
Tom. ;-) ] My first experience of this back in '88 generated quite a 
bit of scrambling around the tea room when I asked the same question. 
I don't think anyone in the room knew and assumed it was the first of 
the month everywhere else in the world. I was in Adelaide at the 
time. No offense to Adelaideians.

One of the snide answers was that the first of the month was easier 
to remember. Made sense to me.


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