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> > > Dunno why Aussies think the seasons start on the 1st of 
> the relevant 
> > > month instead of the 21st/22nd.
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> > That is the question!
> The radio stations I listen to are guilty of starting seasons 
> on the 1st and even calling them "This is the official start 
> of winter/whatever", which causes the confusion among the populace.

There's the problem Ash, - you're listening to an outmoded form of
information broadcasting..... 
I don't even a radio anymore except in one old car.
Ya need to get with the times....... Ipod connected to 2 TB NAS with
20Ghz RF transmitting to receptor speakers and screens throughout the
No more pesky DJ's to tell you what day of the year it is - live in
ignorance - advert free.


(Just joking folks, it's Sunday.)

And yes - to all those that gleefully pointed out that I was wrong -
i.e.: 2 equinoxes and two solstices..... Thankyou.
I was wrong. But I have to be wrong at least twice a year, otherwise
what are you all going to whinge about ?

(With tootsies sitting on top of a new multicore saying - thank-you
Intel, thank-you Intel - this year my tootsies are warm.)

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