[LINK] Could Google be wrong?

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> At 02:57 AM 22/06/2009, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> >The "deciduous" bit remains a bit of a problem for Australian
> >natives though ...
> >isn't that something like a maple leaf on the Google tree?
> I've seen lots of maples here in some parts of the country, Japanese 
> maples. Our streets are lined with plane trees which drop their 
> leaves as the weather turns cold. Birches and oaks do as well.
> You're right about natives not dropping all their leaves as these 
> others do in winter, but they do drop leaves. My eucalyptus dropped 
> heaps during the dry spell in summer.

There you have it Jan,

I grow a few bonsai, and of course I have the usual (Japanese Maple)
acer palmetum amongst my collection.

The leaves started turning yellow yesterday.

(Although I cheat a little - they have fluoro grow lights that dont turn
off till 9 pm.)
But temperature wise - they are out in the open.

So Japanese Maples have decided that autumn is here. (The ones that are
further away from the Grow lights all dropped their leaves weeks


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