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Mon Jun 22 11:34:32 EST 2009

At 10:25 AM 22/06/2009, Stephen Wilson wrote:

>[But now that USB keys hold 10s of GB and software is not being
>distributed on sticks not discs, I wonder if the days of the CD drive
>are numbered?  Boy, that would liberate a lot of valuable volume in the
>laptop build.]

Maybe we need 'smartsticks'. our local computer club uses USB sticks 
for monthly sharing/updating of freeware instead of disks. I think 
they bought a bunch of $10 ones and then onsold to the members who 
wanted to participate. They bring in their sticks and update each 
month. Not sure how that translates to the Ehealth info, but memory 
is memory as they say. The issue is what safeguard access.


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