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I thought linkers would enjoy my latest Blog.

Music Industry Interdiction Steals an Estimated $1,728,000,000,000 from
Global Internet Users. 
For some time, an Australian Company Perceptric Pty. Ltd., has been
researching the damage to content provider revenues from illegal file
sharing activities.

Empirically we can find no conclusive evidence that file sharing damages
the income stream for copyright owners, in fact, quite the reverse.

We have found definitive statistics that show the distribution of
popular music in fact pre-empts the charts in several countries and
therefore P2P should be considered as a distribution and broadcasting
medium comparable to online radio stations, cable TV channels and
popular entertainment venues. 

Essentially, our findings are that P2P is assisting music distribution
in an environment where consumers are disengaging daily from traditional
broadcast promotional media like radio, in favour of personal digital
playback devices.

Our research into Internet traffic modelling of P2P content would
indicate that there is another aspect to the damage of file sharing
causes that has not yet been addressed by the courts or recognised as an
issue by our legislators.

That is, the damage to the usability of the Internet by non-P2P illegal
file sharing (IFS) activities. (Qualified because there are significant
quantities of P2P activities that do not infringe any copyrights.)

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