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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Jun 22 14:42:57 EST 2009

> Weekly NetPulse - Smart Mobs and Green Facebook Pictures
>                   Election Fight Is Online In Iran, June 12, 2009 
> The Web's Role In Close-Call Iran Presidential Election 
> In Iran, victory in today's presidential election could be determined 
> by Facebook, and the 46 million eligible Iranian voters under 30 years
> old who use the networking site.. (ICT) has empowered Iranian citizens. 
> Mousavi's supporters organized "smart mobs" via text messages on times 
> and locations of rallies ..

George Negus on SBS notes that *all* Iranian polling stations reported a
one hundred percent voter turn-out .. & many reported a 130-150% turnout.

(Hmm, 150% voter turnout. Quite an achievement by the present government,
whom also want a nuclear program, perhaps to use on their own protesters?)

Iranians appear determined they want a secular, non-religious government.

If they do win, it may well seem clear and positive case of e-democracy?


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