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Good to see that they have their priorities right 
... Hey, if the banner flops there goes the whole 
initiative.     :)

What's the prize for the banner competition ... $1 million?

That leaves 1.4 million for appointing 
consultants, long lunches and reinventing the Web 
2 wheel (and here was me naively thinking that 
AJAX and LAMP ... or the execrable MS 
alternatives ... were pretty complete and well 
defined frameworks).

Bottom line: Move on folks, move on ... nothing happening here.

At 1:12 PM +1000 22/6/09, Sylvano wrote:
>A competition to design a winning banner for the gov2 website would seem
>to be the first of many competitions that will be initiated over the next
>few months by the the task force.
>There is a special Project Fund - described below - that will provide
>financial support for pilots/trials and special consultancies as well as
>prizes for competitions.  Note: there is no money prize for the banner
>What is the Project Fund?
>The Project Fund is a $2.45 million fund available to the Taskforce to
>support the development of Web 2.0 tools and applications that either
>enable engagement between government and the community or support the
>innovative use of government information.
>The Project Fund will not be used to cover costs associated with the
>Taskforce secretariat, the Taskforce chair or other administrative costs
>incurred running the Taskforce. These costs will be borne by the
>Department of Finance and Deregulation.
>What sort of projects will the Taskforce fund with the Project Fund?
>Funding will be focused on two categories:
>    1. Pilot projects and trials (including scoping, development and
>implementation) in respect of Web 2.0 tools and applications created to
>enable government engagement and consultation with the Australian
>public; and
>    2. Awards, prizes and other benefits for groups or individuals who
>develop innovative information technology tools and applications that
>make use of government information sources.
>The Taskforce may also use Project Fund money to engage third-party
>consultants to provide advice on particular elements of the Government 2.0
>agenda, for example technical or specialist policy advice.
>I have a great idea for a project that demonstrates the value of
>Government 2.0. Can I apply for funds from the Project Fund?
>While you can’t apply for direct access to funding, the Taskforce will run
>competitions that will invite interested individuals and groups to submit
>ideas and Web 2.0 designs to the Taskforce for consideration and potential
>prizes and other benefits such as funding for pilots.
>What criteria will the Taskforce be using to assess my idea?
>The role of the Taskforce is to identify and assess potential and current
>projects to determine their suitability to receive prizes and other
>benefits from the Project Fund as a result of success in competitions. The
>criteria for success will be released with each competition.
>How is the Project Fund being funded?
>The Project Fund has been established in partnership with Microsoft using
>funds from a special Service Provision Fund (SPF). The SPF was established
>by Microsoft in 2001 to support information technology projects that
>enabled or supported government’s computer software investments.
>>From 2001 to 2008 Microsoft has periodically put a fixed proportion of its
>revenue from its sales of its products to the Australian Government into
>the SPF. This arrangement ended in 2008 with the commencement of a new
>volume sourcing arrangement between Microsoft and the Australian
>Microsoft has agreed to commit a portion of the remaining SPF to support
>the work of the Government 2.0 Taskforce. Microsoft will not have a role
>in deciding which projects are funded, but will manage the fund under the
>direction of the Taskforce Chair.
>Can other private organisations or individuals contribute to the Project
>Fund or the Taskforce?
>Yes. The Australian Government welcomes contributions by private
>organisations or individuals to the Project Fund or to the Taskforce’s
>work generally, subject to certain terms and conditions. The Government
>does however reserve the right not to accept funds or other assistance
>from any organisation or individual at its discretion.
>Contributions to the Taskforce need not be monetary. For instance, Cisco
>is supporting the Taskforce’s work through the provision of its
>Telepresence facilities for use for Taskforce meetings. You might consider
>contributing your skills or intellectual property instead.
>If you wish to contribute to the Project Fund or the Taskforce please
>contact us at contact at gov2.net.au
>How can I find out what has been funded through the Project Fund?
>Details about every project funded through the Project Fund will be
>available on the Taskforce’s website.
>I have a question about the Project Fund that isn’t answered here.
>Questions can be directed to the Taskforce Chair using the details on the
>contact at gov2.net.au
>The Taskforce will meet regularly, consulting in an open and transparent
>manner and use online solutions for its engagement wherever possible.
>The Taskforce will provide a final report on its activities to the
>Minister for Finance and Deregulation and the Cabinet Secretary by the end
>of 2009. The Taskforce will disband on completion of its final report.
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