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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Tue Jun 23 13:27:33 EST 2009

Regarding the second Government online-public-sphere event, Tom writes,

> Most of the presentations and discussions were about how information 
> is made available to the public & get comments from the public. This
> is about enhanced versions of the current political system ..

Yes, and although personally unable to participate this time, one would
heartily agree with, and loudly applaud, such efforts to engage Ausssie 
citizens in the process of government, and, for this event, discussions
on a better/wider/deeper utilization of public information.

Thank you again Pia and Kate Lundy for your obviously sincere & genuine
efforts in this regard. Currently there would seem little incentive for
you to bother to do this, other than a genuine effort to explore online 
avenues for wider public participation. One certainly hopes you do find
the overall results, at this early stage, encouraging, and, are not put
off by the *tedious* automatic nay-sayers for any government initiative

Imho, any such knee-jerkers are NOT doing me, or Au, any favours at all
but you are. And so, for this event, and topic, one wants to say thanks

Secondly I don't know if you, Pia, and Kate, are in any way involved in
this initiative, as noted here on Link by Stil, for greater utilization
of public/government information, though, one strongly suspects you are 

And for that, also, one would want to say thank you for your Au efforts:

"Australian Government explores ways to use Web 2.0"

by Stuart Corner, 22nd June 2009 www.itwire.com/content/view/25807/1231
The Australian Federal Government has set up a taskforce to investigate 
how it can use new Web2.0 approaches to expand the uses of Commonwealth 
information and improve its consultation and engagement with citizens..

A member list is available on the taskforce web site http://gov2.net.au

The taskforce was launched by the minister for finance and deregulation, 
Lindsay Tanner, and the Special Minister of State, senator Joe Ludwig at 
a Government 2.0 Public Sphere event in Canberra, hosted by senator Kate 
Lundy & designed to improve government engagement with citizens, through 
Web 2.0 tools .. It will also allow business and others to innovate with 
government information so that it is more useful & compelling to others."

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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