[LINK] Debate flares on net rules

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> Debate flares on net rules
> Andrew Colley
> June 23, 2009
> The Australian 
> http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0,24897,25673235-153
> 06,00.html
> Snip
> ICANN chief executive and president Paul Twomey, an 
> Australian, said the 
> body planned to establish a quasi-legal tribunal of 
> international judges 
> that would have the power to hear appeals on board decisions.
> "We've presently got an independent review panel mechanism that makes 
> reviews of board decisions.
> "We want to boost that to be an independent review tribunal 
> of standing 
> international judges and apply basic principles like those 
> that would be 
> applicable in Australian administrative law," he said.
> "They're powers that the US government doesn't have," Dr Twomey said.

One would hope Mr Twomey has learnt a bit in the last 16 years.

In 1993 when he woerked at Telstra, he said to me (on the subject of
allocating every australian an automatic email address based on their
phone numbers: 

"Mr. Koltai, we sell copper, not email"

We need ICANN to remain independent of Government intervention.
I sure hope he doesn't sell us out.


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