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Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> Tom Worthington wrote:
>> At 08:54 AM 23/06/2009, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>>> ... I don't think that we have any form of participatory democracy ...
>>> I was referring to the comment you made in your original email ...
>> I wasn't talking about "participatory democracy" and did not mention 
>> it in that posting:  
>> <http://mailman.anu.edu.au/pipermail/link/2009-June/084189.html>.
> In your email you used the term "participatory government" which I 
> (maybe mistakenly) assumed you were talking about in the context of  
> "participatory democracy".
> So what did you mean by "participatory government"?

 From a speaker's perspective - this is the Public Sphere #2 model:
1. Define/identify/synthesise Topic
Gov 2.0 Policy and Practice
(ie what is a topical issue - note no terms of reference - so, in some way this
is agenda setting stuff)

2. Open Blog/Twitter - invite speakers and discussion on topic

3a. Run a 1 day symposium -15 minutes of fame for "self selected speakers" -
lots of breaks for f2f conversations
- topical government announcement.

3b. Online participation in the symposium via streaming video, live twittering
and blogging

4. Publish Video and invite further blogging (and possibly twittering - I am not
sure whether the channel is still open)

5. After a period (I think senator Lundy said two weeks) close blog and move to
drafting briefing paper via a Wiki.

In her concluding remarks after 30 or so speakers had had their 15 minutes of
fame, question time and some votes in the senate,
Senator Lundy summarised that public sphere #2 would produce two briefing papers:
*one on the method and
*a second on the subject matter .

Not sure where Link, email discussion groups, fall in this engagement model but
I am curious to learn what works and doesn't.

For the twitter fans, not sure it was quite my road to damascus, but I did check
out the stream and found a question/comment relating to my talk, which I
answered, along with a couple of questions I got via my website,  on the web 
version of my talk:

The Public Sphere# blog is here:

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