[LINK] Telstra data bill shock

James Collins nospam at ggcs.net.au
Wed Jun 24 23:46:36 EST 2009

> > > days, he said Bigpond metering recorded between 30MB to 88MB data

> >Especially when they meter data being delivered to your modem. If your

> Probably ICMP packets being tossed at the ingress interface,

Almost certainly...

> invisible to the user, but visible to the data counters at
> Telstra.  End result, Telstra makes money it has deniable plausibility.

And they have a valid argument. They _did_ pay for the infrastructure to
deliver it... Doesn't make it right of course...

> >I actually have a solution for that, it's called "The Protected Network",

> then problem would go away totally.  If someone wants  visible IP,
> then they risk the traffic, unless Telstra finally agrees to dismiss
> traffic that is "not delivered to the destination network"
> Ahhh well.

All true. Do you want to tell people in charge to lift their game or should
I? :) Oh wait, they've been ignoring me since time immemorial! Must be your
turn! :)

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