[LINK] Telstra data bill shock

Leah Manta link at fly.to
Thu Jun 25 00:41:38 EST 2009

At 14:46 24/06/2009, James Collins wrote:
> > > > days, he said Bigpond metering recorded between 30MB to 88MB data
> > >Especially when they meter data being delivered to your modem. If your
> > Probably ICMP packets being tossed at the ingress interface,
>Almost certainly...
> > invisible to the user, but visible to the data counters at
> > Telstra.  End result, Telstra makes money it has deniable plausibility.
>And they have a valid argument. They _did_ pay for the infrastructure to
>deliver it... Doesn't make it right of course...

Psssst.  Secret.  Telstra didn't pay for the infrastructure.  It was 
'obtained' from the AVCC.  If we talk specifically the 
Internet.  Further Telstra didn't pay for the Infrastructure, the 
Government did, as Tax Payers.  Telstra <- Telecom <- PMG <- Federal 

> > >I actually have a solution for that, it's called "The Protected Network",
> > then problem would go away totally.  If someone wants  visible IP,
> > then they risk the traffic, unless Telstra finally agrees to dismiss
> > traffic that is "not delivered to the destination network"
> >
> > Ahhh well.
>All true. Do you want to tell people in charge to lift their game or should
>I? :) Oh wait, they've been ignoring me since time immemorial! Must be your
>turn! :)

Well I did ask Geoff about this year sago ;)  I do know a few people 
who, um, how can we say this, resolved issues with Telstra on charging.

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