[LINK] IT transformation hurt some customers: Telstra

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IT transformation hurt some customers: Telstra
Correspondents in Melbourne
June 24, 2009
The AUstralian

TELSTRA has admitted its push to implement new technology during the 
past four years has harmed its relationship with some customers.

Telstra's chief financial officer John Stanhope on Wednesday said he 
would rectify the problem by vowing to improve the telco's performance 
in coming years.

"We are aware that customer complaint levels increased in some areas of 
the business," Mr Stanhope said in a speech to a business luncheon.

"It is true to say that when you undertake a transformation of the size 
that we have, particularly in the IT world, then you are playing around 
with 1400 to 1500 systems, it is not an easy task.

"So we realise that is has impacted some customers, mostly well, in a 
favourable way, but of course some have experienced issues, and we are 
aware of that," he said.

He said that "as a priority" the situation would be rectified.

Mr Stanhope outlined the changes made at the telco since 2005, 
nominating four key elements that have transformed the company's operations.

He said wireless Next G, Wireline IP, market-based management and IT 
transformations had led the changes.

"The world-class networks have been built, new IT systems are in place 
and the transformation is now about taking the customer experience to 
the next level," he said.

He said the company had moved on from "old Telstra" that was regulatory 
focused and characterised by sameness rather than differentiation.

Asked whether customers were aware of Telstra's moves to become more 
focused on their needs, Mr Stanhope said the company had done a 
"reasonable job" in letting people know of new services.

"Really customers really need to experience it for themselves," he said.



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