[LINK] ICANN conference with no Net supplied

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Fri Jun 26 12:02:46 EST 2009

Actually Kim, you are absolutely correct.

Day 1. - Nat Routing - so many complaints about Skype etc not working.
Day 2. Telstra donates a "C" class on a first come first served basis.

A whole "C" class for for 1200 plus delegates.

Smart thinking those Telstra blokes - Anyone that doesn't get an IP
number upfriont and doesn't wish to queue up for an available 1 in 4
allocated ip number will give up waiting and use their mobile access
data plans.

Is that real enough for you Kim ?

As far as Paul Twomey is concerned, I apologise to linkers, I should
have checked pedigrees before shooting off at the mouth.


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> Tom, All,
> | One would hope Mr Twomey has learnt a bit in the last 16 years. In 
> | 1993 when he woerked at Telstra, he said to me (on the subject of
> I just asked, and Paul did not work for Telstra.
> | I wonder who organised that little snafu.
> | Hmmm wonder if it was Telstra expecting to make a motza on the 
> | international roaming data rates of the participating international 
> | delegates. Yep - probably was. Doesn't bode well for the future...
> | In about a month, 1400+ delegates will receive their international
> | roaming bill for data and hit the roof.
> At the ICANN conference we have around 50 wireless access 
> points set up across the conference space and hotel common 
> areas, with a 100mbps full duplex link to the outside world, 
> peaking around 30mbps so far. The network is fully IPv4 and 
> IPv6 dual-stack with connectivity from Telstra and Vocus.
> Over this network all attendees have unrestricted Internet 
> access, and most of ICANN's sessions are being broadcast via 
> video over the Internet, through IP telephony as conference 
> calls, as well as with live transcriptions provided by court 
> stenographers.
> I am hoping for Link's discussions to return to non-fantasy 
> discourse soon.
> kim
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