[LINK] ICANN conference with no Net supplied

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Fri Jun 26 15:46:11 EST 2009

Hi Tom,

What you have said does not gel with anything I know about the network.
(I am not involved in setting it up, but I am ICANN staff and I know
the network engineers well - who are not Telstra - as we use them every

There is no NAT in the conference network, and no "C" class. The
networks are an IPv4 /20 and an IPv6 /48, and have been configured since
about a week prior to the start of the official conference week. I
just took the liberty of taking a photo in the NOC room of the network


Maybe there are Skype problems, naturally that can happen, but it is
neither due to the conference network being on a NAT or being limited in
address space.

As well as the conference network, there are one of those roaming WiFi
network provider networks barely visible that you have to pay for. Maybe
your complainant is paying to use that rather than using the free and
abundant ICANN conference network.


Quoting Tom Koltai on Friday June 26, 2009:
| Actually Kim, you are absolutely correct.
| Day 1. - Nat Routing - so many complaints about Skype etc not working.
| Day 2. Telstra donates a "C" class on a first come first served basis.
| A whole "C" class for for 1200 plus delegates.
| Smart thinking those Telstra blokes - Anyone that doesn't get an IP
| number upfriont and doesn't wish to queue up for an available 1 in 4
| allocated ip number will give up waiting and use their mobile access
| data plans.
| Is that real enough for you Kim ?
| As far as Paul Twomey is concerned, I apologise to linkers, I should
| have checked pedigrees before shooting off at the mouth.
| Tom
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| > Tom, All,
| > 
| > | One would hope Mr Twomey has learnt a bit in the last 16 years. In 
| > | 1993 when he woerked at Telstra, he said to me (on the subject of
| > 
| > I just asked, and Paul did not work for Telstra.
| > 
| > | I wonder who organised that little snafu.
| > | Hmmm wonder if it was Telstra expecting to make a motza on the 
| > | international roaming data rates of the participating international 
| > | delegates. Yep - probably was. Doesn't bode well for the future...
| > | In about a month, 1400+ delegates will receive their international
| > | roaming bill for data and hit the roof.
| > 
| > At the ICANN conference we have around 50 wireless access 
| > points set up across the conference space and hotel common 
| > areas, with a 100mbps full duplex link to the outside world, 
| > peaking around 30mbps so far. The network is fully IPv4 and 
| > IPv6 dual-stack with connectivity from Telstra and Vocus.
| > 
| > Over this network all attendees have unrestricted Internet 
| > access, and most of ICANN's sessions are being broadcast via 
| > video over the Internet, through IP telephony as conference 
| > calls, as well as with live transcriptions provided by court 
| > stenographers.
| > 
| > I am hoping for Link's discussions to return to non-fantasy 
| > discourse soon.
| > 
| > kim

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