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Greenearth Energy Ltd (GER) and RMIT University today confirmed a
research partnership aimed at generating electricity and drinking water
from geothermal sources. 
"RMIT scientists hope to bring their skills to  bear to take advantage of
Greenearth Energy’s geothermal hot sedimentary aquifer discoveries in
Victoria," Greenearth Energy Managing Director, Mark Miller, said. 
"Greenearth Energy knows that Australia has an abundance of geothermal
reservoirs that contain hot salty water. RMIT scientists aim to develop
methods of using these hot, saline waters for combined desalination and
power generation." 
Mr Miller said that, when fully developed, the technology could be used
to manufacture small-scale dual geothermal systems, resulting in a boost
for local industry and employment as well as providing the potential for
significant export opportunities. 
"Water and clean energy loom large as major challenges facing not only
Australia but the entire world, and RMIT and Greenearth Energy are aiming
to pave the way for the development of small-scale geothermal power and
desalination units delivering up to 100KW of emissions free power and
75,000 litres of fresh water per day." He said 
"We believe that such units could be deployed in remote areas where
access to power and fresh water are limited. 
"Greenearth Energy is proud of the relationship with RMIT’s School of
Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, which has the
potential to deliver benefits for Australia and ultimately the rest of
the world. This is an example of the value of working partnerships
between universities and industry," Mr Miller said. 

A submission was made to the Australia Research Council (ARC) late last
year with the result of a grant being offered to RMIT and Greenearth
Energy to support this important research project for a period of three
years. Documentation and project plans are being reviewed at present.  It
is envisaged a further announcement will be made upon execution of the
For more information, please contact Mark Miller on (03) 9620 7299 or 
0407 035 800 
Mark Miller 
Managing Director 
Greenearth Energy Limited 


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