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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 04:59 PM 29/06/2009, Sylvano wrote:
>I would have thought that kind of was the purpose ;-) ....

And it does work when consumers have the information. They'll go for 
the cheaper price of the same object every time if they can find that 
out. Whoda thought?

I've noted that Coles has dropped its milk and bread prices on the 
'home brand' stuff to match Aldi to the penny. But they charge nearly 
twice as much for say the better brand of multigrain. What I used to 
pay $2.50/loaf for is now over $4. I nearly fainted when I saw it. So 
don't let the chains fool you. They aren't losing money by price 
matching on some items at all. And I attribute it to staff costs and 
range of stock. I was nearly tripping over staff at that Coles store, 
where as at Aldi, you can usually wrangle an answer out of the one 
doing the restocking. Because they aren't specialised, they know what 
is available thorughout the store, not just which aisle it might be on.


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