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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Jun 29 18:32:23 EST 2009

I will be speaking on "Social Networking for Business" at the 2009 
International Young ICT Professionals Conference, 3 to 4 September 
2009 in Sydney <http://www.acs.org.au/youngit/2009conference/>.

Another speaker is Fiona Balfour, former CIO of Qantas and Telstra. 
The program is designed for young professionals, recent graduates and 
university students to advance their career in Information 
Communications Technology (ICT), focusing on business issues. It is 
interesting to see that TATA are one of the sponsors.

My outline:


Social networking web sites, such as Facebook are popular for keeping 
in touch with friends. But the same technology can be applied to 
promoting a young ICT professional's career and in the workplace to 
help run a business. Business orientated social networking systems 
will be demonstrated, along with the software used for this by the 
ACS in its education courses. The application of the this technology 
on a smartphone will also be demonstrated.

     See how to:

        1. Use social networking to promote your career
        2. Implement social networking software in your workplace
        3. Run a business, or a nation, from your phone
        4. Benefit from free open source software

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