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ASX Announcement  30 June 2009 

Intermoco Limited (ASX:INT), a leading provider of energy and water 
metering and management solutions through its Utiligy brand, is excited
to announce that the company has secured two significant orders for its
remote meter reading hardware and software. 
Both orders are for two thousand (2000) radio endpoints for a total of
four thousand (4000) radio end points and follow the successful trial of
the radio devices. The orders are for deployment with two of Australia’s
largest Utilities and the initial order value exceeds $0.5M. These orders
are expected to be the first in a line of rolling orders that should
amount up to $4M per annum. 

These orders put Utiligy at the forefront of smart meter technology in
the gas and water sectors and consolidates Utiligy’s position as one of
the leading Australian solution providers. Utility currently reads over
10 Million reads per annum through its Manual Meter reading and
electronic systems. These orders utilize the latest in Radio Frequency
transmission from the meter to the utility and are expected to
significantly add to the number of meters being read by The Utiligy 
Meter Reading System – Forte. 
Utiligy’s  products support a range of Australian utilities including
Citpower, Western Power, Sydney Water and Gold Coast Water, Jemena and
Origin Energy. In addition the company’s technology provides services to
commercial and Industrial customers for energy management, utility
services management and reseller activities as well as providing
management services for over 100 embedded energy networks. 

Mr Ian Kiddle, Executive Director – Business Development says, "these
orders demonstrate our leadership in smart energy solutions. Utiligy’s
commitment to metering and energy solutions is enabling our customers to
reap real benefits in their data flow processes by supplying the complete
end-to-end smart metering solution that will be linked directly to the
utilities systems. The solution we provide is infinitely scalable and
enables Utilities to better monitor their customer’s energy and water
usage. The ability to detect leaks and provide consumption data is
proving to be a real advantage". 
For further information contact  
Andrew Meehan GM Business Services 
03 8699 8799 

Intermoco is an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock
Exchange (Code: INT) based in Melbourne. The company is a leader in the
provision of remote monitoring and control technology solutions through
its Utiligy brand.  Utiligy provides a world class end-to-end internet
enabled energy metering and resource management solution to utilities,
corporations, local councils and government departments to help them
monitor, manage and minimise their consumption of electricity, gas and
water.  The Utiligy application has been successfully deployed in all
major states in Australia and in Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand and Hong
Kong. For more information: http://www.utiligy.com.au


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