[LINK] RIAA?s Hostile Takeover of the Internet

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> There is pressure being put on ISPs and governments in many  
> countries.  In Italy at least one ISP throttles customers down to  
> below dialup for three or four days for any detected bittorrent use  
> and it does it secretly.
> There's a couple of lines I really like in this article:
> > The case of The Pirate Bay was not a case of artists vs.
> > freeloaders, or even the recording industry vs. pirates. 
> There were  
> > no artists on the accusing side, nor were there any pirates on the  
> > defending side.
> http://torrentfreak.com/riaas-hostile-takeover-of-the-internet-090429/
> > RIAA's Hostile Takeover of the Internet
> > Written by Jens Roland on April 29, 2009

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