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I think the scale of this is what is impressive. 
 From MoveOn, the inspiration for GetUp! here.

Fwd: Emergency briefing with Howard Dean on Monday
>We're organizing an emergency online briefing on 
>Monday night at 9 p.m. ET with Dr. Howard Dean, 
>called "What we all need to know to win on 
>health care this year." Click here to RSVP:
><http://pol.moveon.org/deanforum?id=16038-7221053-2tbog7x&t=2>Click Here
>Dear MoveOn member,
>Urgent update on health care: Next week, 
>Congress will begin making the actual decisions 
>about what'll be in a health care reform bill.
>Meanwhile, conservative groups have launched a 
>new assault on the president's proposal, 
>including a million-dollar ad campaign claiming 
>that health care will be rationed and 
>"bureaucrats" will "decide the treatments you receive."1
>If real people like us don't get involved in 
>this health care fight now, it could all fall 
>apart. So we're holding an emergency online 
>briefing on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET with Dr. 
>Howard Dean to make sure we're all ready for the 
>fight ahead, called "What we all need to know to 
>win on health care this year."
>If fixing our health care system is important to 
>you, this is an event you shouldn't miss. All 
>you need to join in is a computer with an internet connection. Can you join us?
>Here are the details:
>What: Emergency Online Briefing with Dr. Howard 
>Dean (Organized by MoveOn and Democracy for America)
>When: Monday, May 4, 9 p.m. ET/ 8 CT/ 7 MT/ 6 PT
>Where: MoveOn.org's web site
>Click here to tell us you'll be listening in­and 
>submit a question for Dr. Dean:
>I'll be there.
>that time doesn't work for me.
>Last time Democrats tried to pass comprehensive 
>health care reform, it failed. And it failed in 
>part because the opposition was better organized 
>and spread a bunch of lies that progressives weren't prepared to rebut.
>It's up to us to not let that happen again. This 
>time, we all need to be well-armed with the 
>critical information to keep the right from 
>blocking change. Dr. Dean will give us an inside 
>look at the battle for real health care 
>reform­and the secrets about what it'll take to achieve a historic victory.
>With a key Senate committee meeting on Tuesday 
>to start shaping legislation­plus the right 
>wing's escalating attacks­this couldn't be more urgent.
>I'll be part of the emergency briefing, and I 
>really hope you can join me at this crucial moment. Please click here to RSVP:
>Thanks for all you do.
>–Justin, Matt, Anna, Joan and the rest of the team
>P.S. On Monday night, click here to listen in:

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