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> On Fri, 2009-05-01 at 21:30 +1000, Tom Koltai wrote:
> > Well, think of it as the budgetary early warning system Linda.
> > 
> > If you know a fire is coming - its neighbourly to alert your 
> > neighbours.
> Yes, but if all you do is just say "WOO WOO, DING DING, FIRE, 
> FIRE" without a *little* bit more info (like, where, how big, 
> how fast, likelihood of fighting it - hell, even just 
> pointing your finger at it while you jump up & down :) then 
> people around you are likely to flip the idiot bit and/or 
> make references to Chicken Little :) :) :)


> True - it depends on a) how the news is delivered and b) the 
> track record of the one delivering
> I'm getting the feeling that you know something but can't 
> tell us (go on, not even a little hint???? :)  That's fine, 
> but the delivery of the message left most of us going WtF?????
> I look forward to the slight hint or the "See, that's what I 
> wanted to say but wasn't allowed to until now" message :) :) :)

Actually Grant, you are quite correct. I should give more of a hint.

The problem with giving hints that are not in the public domain is that
- well, they get you in trouble.

So - all I can say is that two events not necessarily directly connected
(in the eyes of the public) will occur early next week.

One I referred to in my weekend notes.
The other one I shall have to put down to cyclical financial curves,
astrology and Koltai voodoo.

Um in defense of the messenger - well until at least Tuesday, although
many may consider my views extreme or out there, I believe this is the
first time I have ever said out loud, the wooloof is coming, the wooloof
is coming. 

So some patience until after Tuesday is required and I will then be
forever tarnished as a whimsical crackpot, or in the alternative a
whimsical crackpot that does accurate astrological readings.

For those that are convinced that I am already so labelled, I offer a
rasberry in G flat.

Please feel free to flame me on Wednesday.

I shall now go and invest in a flameproof asbestos suit.......


> Cheers,
> Grant
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