[LINK] 'true' cost of bandwidth?

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This is something to consider once the pricing structures start to 
emerge on the NBN.

narramissic links to IT World's A Layman's Guide to Bandwidth 
Pricing, writing "Time Warner Cable has, for now, abandoned the 
tiered pricing trials that raised the ire of Congressman Eric Massa, 
among others. And, as some nice data points in a New York Times 
article reveal, it's good for us that they did. For instance, Comcast 
says it costs them $6.85 per home to double the internet capacity of 
a neighborhood. But the bit of the Times article that we should 
commit to memory is this:'If all Time Warner customers decided one 
day not to check their e-mail or download a single movie, the 
company's costs would be no different than on a day when every 
customer was glued to the screen watching one YouTube video after another.'"

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