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Evidently these are specialist chips to diagnose flu virus:

An anonymous reader writes "Supercomputer software models predict 
that swine flu will likely go pandemic sometime next week, but flu 
chips capable of detecting the virus within four hours are already 
rolling off the assembly line. The U.S. Department of Health and 
Human Services (HHS), which has designated swine flu as the '2009 
H1N1 flu virus,' is modeling the spread of the virus using modeling 
software designed by the Department of Defense back when avian flu 
was a perceived threat. Now those programs are being run on cluster 
supercomputers and predict that officials are not implementing enough 
social distancing--such as closing all schools--to prevent a 
pandemic. Companies that designed flu-detecting chips for avian flu, 
are quickly retrofitting them to detect swine flu, with the first flu 
chips being delivered to labs today." Relatedly, at least one 
bio-surveillance firm is claiming they detected and warned the CDC 
and the WHO about the swine flu problem in Mexico over two weeks 
before the alert was issued.

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