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> >Real wealth can only be created by manufacturing.
> OK, I'm up for doing something about this. Something more 
> than just blogging or posting to a mailing list (preaching to 
> the converted).
> What can be done to influence public policy on such matters?

We already have the "Buy Australian" government scheme. I think as a
nation we have to say that isnt quite going to cut it anymore. 

My suggestion is a simple one.

If every Australian asks just one question of every salesman, shop
assistant, reseller at the point of purchase:

i.e.: Excuse me - was this made in Australia? 

It will do a lot more than if we ask the Government to implement a
tarrif regime.

Obviously - most things arnt made in Australia - but to ensure that our
childrens children have an economy, we need to make sure that at least
some things will be made here.

So actually - blogging about it is a good thing and tweeting it and
facebook walling it.
It might take us half a generation to get back to the manufactureing
capacity that we had in the eighties - but it will be worth it.


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