[LINK] Exetel trial records 20,000 hits on filtered URLs

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Mon May 4 17:28:31 AEST 2009

> Three customers said they would cancel their Exetel services because of 
> the trial, Exetel said.
> One of those is Melbourne search engine optimisation business, Stewart 
> Media. Its founder and chief executive officer, Jim Stewart, indicated 
> his intention to shift his customers away from Exetel. 
> <http://stewartmedia.biz/myblog/Why-Im-leaving-Exetel/>
I'm one of the other two.  I posted an application to Internode
last week.

> It flagged the possibility to offer content filtering to users for an 
> additional $5 charge, which would see Exetel follow the lead of 
> participants in the Government's trials.

I'd love to see this.  That would put the onus the other way around --
I'd expect maybe three Exetel customers to sign up for this.

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