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At 04:35 PM 4/05/2009, Paul Brooks wrote:
>I agree with you that for most people the number of applications where
>the data transfer capacity is the limit is quite small. Less when you
>consider that the bottleneck is often not the user's access link
>capacity any more, but some bottleneck in the middle of the cloud the
>user has no control over

There was an interesting point on the 7.30 report tonight about the 
Tasmanian experience. In households with multiple people, a shared 
link *does* have an impact on performance. The family focussed on in 
the story was saying it was good to be able for him to do his thing, 
while his kids played WoW and streamed TV. The story also said that 
take-up was low, and part of the reason was expense. They did NOT say 
what the cost was, but that the installation was free and people 
still didn't subscribe.


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