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Peter Bowditch peter at ratbags.com
Tue May 5 11:59:48 AEST 2009

Jan said:

> There was a similar exchange on Sunday on 7 about those who deal with
> child immunisation decisions. Someone needs to explain to parents that
> just because something isn't 100% guaranteed effective or without risk
> doesn't mean you don't do it. And that seems to be the thinking of the
> anti-vaccine people -- if you can't assure me my kid won't get a rash
> or a sniffy nose, I'm not vaccinating him/her. It's daft! So they'd
> rather risk re-emergance of polio and other diseases?

I was in the audience for the recording of the segment. The anti-
vaccination liars have been crowing at how Professor McIntyre looked 
embarrassed when he was finally forced to admit that vaccines aren't 100% 
safe and/or effective. The fact that no sentient being believes otherwise 
is lost on them.

By the way - they don't think that polio is serious, or any other 
childhood disease for that matter. One of them told me once that these 
diseases are necessary for a child to develop good health and that is why 
they are called "childhood diseases".



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