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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed May 6 02:55:17 AEST 2009

Frank writes,

> Elements of the lunatic (or criminally ignorant) element got itself 
> zotted into a local council, and started issuing decrees to maximise 
> revenue.

Yes .. and "maximize revenue" .. isn't that philosophy apparently the
very antithesis of Communism? As one remembers, Marx responded to the
social evils of maximizing revenue as *the* basic tenent of communism.

So now, instead of the 'common-good', China's version of Marx/Trotsky
in one area of China now demands by law the common bad? And given the
centralization of power apparently necessary under Communism at least
for implementation stages, i was, as you suggest, perhaps incorrectly
under the impression that any such laws would need approval by Bejing.

But, you are right Frank .. it is somewhat unwise to assume that this
law currently required central approval. I simply don't know. And, to
judge the whole by the actions of one political part is just as wrong
as an Islamic country judging democratic government by the actions of
its media. Apologies my assumptions might be based on old information.

> Crazy? Yes.
> A commentary on the relative merits of capitalism and communism? No.
> Hey ... I've seen the same things happen when the idiot element gets 
> itself into power in Western, capitalist and Caucasian power 
> structures.
> We have a number of recent home-made examples of same that have 
> caused a heap more destruction and misery than this Chinese coterie.
> That said: The Chinese example is further proof that there is no 
> intelligent life on this planet.  Regards,

Haha .. well, one should not necessarfily draw that conclusion either.

Cheers, Frank
Stephen Loosley

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