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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue May 5 13:07:12 AEST 2009

Ivan Herman and Mike Smith from W3C are touring eastern Australia 
from 12 to 20 May, presenting on the future of web standards, HTML5, 
XHTML and Semantic Technology. There are industry and research 
presentations in Brisbane 12 May, Sydney 13 May, Canberra 15 May, 
Hobart 18 and 19 May, Melbourne 20 May: 

The tussle between XHTML (favoured by the academics) and HTML5 
(promoted by the browser writers) is an interesting one. As I see it, 
XHTML is trying to be a universal document format, something like 
desktop publishing. HTML5 is trying to be a universal computer 
application front end. The semantic web has similar issues between 
different uses.

At ANU I have given up doing more than mentioning the semantic web in 
courses, as it is too abstract and academic at present. I don't do 
more than mention HTML5, as until the standards settle down it is not 
practical. But Ivan and Mike might convince say otherwise.

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