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On Tue, 5 May 2009 at 21:53:29 +1000 Tom Koltai wrote:
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>> The wisdom of the "Buy Australian" mentality is questionable. Let's 
>> start thinking like a world, instead of a bunch of selfish nations.
> David,
> I'm sorry - I couldn't let this one pass.
Tom, I was counting on that.
> Thinking like "A World" is not a realistic comment.
We're better off thinking like a world, instead of nations, for the same 
reasons we're better off thinking like nations instead of city-states or 
tribes. I'll leave it to you, whether your mind is flexible enough to 
work it out.

> ...
> The Theory of Wealth Of Nations by Adam Smith is available from ...
Smith wrote in the 18th century. Much has changed since then. Indeed, 
looking back over the half-century or so of my own life, the extent of 
change surprises me. Time to get our minds into the 21st century.

The principles Smith expounded apply within states, as much as they do 
between them. Probably more so.
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