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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Wed May 6 16:37:51 AEST 2009

Hi Stil,

<quote who="Stilgherrian">

> George, someone on Twitter thought that having to install software was  
> a usability FAIL, which triggered this thought...

The problem is the codec is a standard, and is supported by most media
players (I'm quite surprised realplayer doesn't support it). It's like
saying html is a problem because it requires a web browser be installed :)

I'd prefer we stick with what George has already done at this stage
considering the event is less than 24 hours away. I think that so long as
Quicktime, Media Player and Totem support it, then it should be good.
> If you're using Wirecast, then the video presents as a Quicktime  
> source within your OS X streaming server. This means you can the use a  
> host like Ustream http://ustream.tv or Mogulus http://mogulus.com to  
> stream it out using their embeddable Flash players with integrated  
> chat (which in the case of Ustream is IRC under the hood). Indeed, the  
> latest version of Wirecast will connect directly to Ustream, IIRC.

Yeah, was thinking of looking at ustream for next time. Integrated chat
could be good, but the one ustream event I've participated in (your Yass
roadtrip one) I found the ustream chat a little clunky. We'll ask for ideas
and feedback after this event for better running the next event :)

> One potential downside is that on the "free" services there's  
> advertising, which may not suit ANU's or Senator Lundy's needs to  
> appear independent. Still... experiments n'all.

Yeah, that's likely be an issue. Plus I don't think we need an all in one
solution, but having a good stream, perhaps an IRC chat (with web client)
and Twitter may work nicely for the next one. All ideas very welcome!


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