[LINK] Net neutrality and bandwidth caps.

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> Interesting view.  Not so relevant to Australia as such but 
> it brings  
> up the question, who does benefit from Australia's ridiculous capped  
> internet connections?
> http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1052029/net-neutralit
> y-bandwidth-caps-matter

Ummmm Telstra.

And anyone else with DSLAM on clean swept copper.
They are the only ones that can afford to offer premium movies legally
on ADSL - with uintimed download allowances.

Although Telstra with their Foxtel ownership, have first dibbs on day
date releases leaving iinet and internode out in the cold.

And for the ACCC folk in the lurkers section.... if that isnt
anti-competitive - I'm damned if I know what is. 

Mind-you the federal governments FTTH will soon sort out the players
from the "me-toos".

I don't actually think the answer is in a pure content play.
Nor do I think its in an aggregated (lets regurgitate AP newsfeed).

I think the future will be Social Communities, self concentric for
relevance and survival purposes.

We now have the Internet; Internet-2; i2p Internet and lots of
invitation only internets.

David Boxhall earlier today entreated for a united world.
Unfortunatly the copyright wars leading to the encryption wars, will I
think, prevent that from happening.

Its curious that the very copyright "rights" the content industry are
fighting for will in fact be the undoing of western civilisation unless
someone sees the light soon.

In 1993 I predicted that the Internet would decrease the size of big
companies and increase the size of the little companies.
I also predicted that humans would become increasingly secular and
divorce ratres would go through the roof.

So far 4 out of 4, unfortunately.


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